Mobile Phone Faulty

Updated on November 28, 2018 in Electronic Gadgets
1 on January 22, 2018

I had purchased Lenovo k6 power smart phone on last year. The mobile was not working properly it had been hanging, during the last 2 months I had given the mobile for service at the Lenovo service centre ( job sheet no. for the same SDFD14157652675)
I was told by the service center that it was a software issue and a new software patch will be released by the company.
Unfortunately the fix never came and I gave the phone to the service center for repair again. They kept the phone for over 15 days and yet they are not able to solve my problem.
The phone is still under warranty, is there any way I can find a solution?

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0 on November 28, 2018

I have purchased the mobile phone at online, it is getting more quality and getting good sound for the music also. I am ready to get my headset and hearing the music my work place. I have really enjoy with my mobile. My friend asking me their rate and where you can buy it. My mobile is getting camera as well and good picture to taken always. I have given more money for buying that. Because the GST rates are added with that price. My sister tries to get my mobile from my pocket. But i am not given anyone to touch it.
I am not allowing for taken my phone. It is my personal phone. And also I have stored my important file and information. I am collecting that if any emergency time. You can solve this problem to restart is once and then change the OS also. Store your photos and other important files to your system. You can give the possible service center or get the solution from other experts. I can get the more solutions from online. More followers are given perfect and accurate solution for me.
Mobile phones and their spare parts are also getting the GST rates with price. It is really bad for me. I have spent more money for recharging my phone. I need fast Internet and speed to get the information from that. Did you get any idea for me? I have used one mobile before buying this. I am getting same problem. I have sale that and then buy this mobile. I am given some of valuable tips and ideas for buying best mobile phones at online. You can follow and get the new one. But the cost is more nowadays. Because of GST implemented. Please share your id and contact details here

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