Online fraud Axis Bank

Updated on November 14, 2017 in Credit/Debit Card
1 on November 13, 2017

Someone has cloned my axis bank debit card and withdrew almost 30,000 rupees from my account. This happened in foreign location done in multiple small transactions by purchasing items online. I have raised a complaint in my local axis bank branch about this fraudulent activity. The bank says that the transactions are genuine and they cannot do anything about it. What do I do ? Please help its my hard earned money

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0 on November 14, 2017


The first thing you should block your card immediately. Visa/Mastercard usually have a charge back facility where you can dispute all the fraudulent charges. You will have to fill a form which would be available here for axis bank 

It would be a good idea to file a police complaint in the cyber crime division. They will give you a copy of FIR which you can use for further validate your case. Lastly if the bank does not give you any reply after 30 working days of your complaint, you should file a case in RBI banking ombudsman here

Hope you find this resourceful. Good luck.


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