Agnipath Scheme 2022

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The Indian Government has developed a scheme to recruit Indian youth into the Indian Armed Forces. The main aim of this scheme is to encourage youth to participate in the military as a carrier opportunity with a high-paying salary. In this article, we will discuss, what is Agnipath scheme, what is Seva Nidhi Package, eligibility for recruitment in the Agnipath scheme, and the salary for Agniveer.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath Scheme is a new human resource management scheme for the Indian Armed Forces, military, and navy. The Government has aimed at creating job opportunities by recruiting 46,000 Agniveers this year. The recruitment for Agniveer started on 24th June 2022, and the last date for application is 5th July 2022.

In Agnipath Scheme, selected candidates are recruited for 4 years of service in the Indian Armed Forces. The candidates selected under this scheme are called “Agniveers.” In addition, these Agniveers will be recruited to non-commission ranks such as Naik, Lance Naik, and Sepoy.

After 4-year tenure, the Agniveer will be allowed to apply for enrolment in the permanent cadre. Recruitment to permanent cadre will be based on Armed Forces terms and conditions after considering a centralized transparent, rigorous screening system. This will be based on the merit and performance of the Agniveer during his service tenure. As a result, of the total Agniveer, only 25 % will be selected for enrolment in the permanent cadre.

The remaining Agniveers will have to leave the armed force and is at liberty to look for the opportunity to pursue any carrier of their choice.

Upon four years of tenure, the Agniveers will be entitled to receive the Seva Nidhi package. They will be acknowledged with Skill Gained Certificate.

Along with existing Ex-servicemen reservations, the Agniveers are eligible for the following reservations:

· The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has reserved 10% for Agniveer in CAPF and Assam Rifle post.
· Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh has reserved 10% in the Ministry of Defence job.
· 10% reservation in Indian Coast Guard, Defense Civilian positions, and 16 Defence Public Sector Undertakings.

Benefits of Agnipath Scheme:

With the introduction of this scheme, the Government aims at –

  • Attracting youth talent into the military, navy, and air force;
  • Introducing, adopting, and exploiting new modern technologies with enhanced Technical Institutions of the country.
  • Providing opportunities to the youth to serve the nation for a short period of time.
  • Imbibing the ethos, camaraderie, courage, teamwork, and commitment of Armed Forces in the youth;
  • Craving the youth into an asset by providing abilities and qualities such as dynamism, discipline, work skills, and motivation.
  • Creating a delicate balance between young and experienced personnel in the Armed Forces.


How to apply for the Agniveer position?

Any youth between the age of 17 ½- 21 who wish to serve the nation can apply for Indian Armed Forces Agnipath recruitment on All the applications will be made online only. The last date for application is 5th July 2022. The candidate should have a valid email address and mobile number to make an online application.

The candidate should fill in the application form and submit the documents below.

Documents required for application:

a) Passing certificate of Class 10th/Matric
b) Marksheet of 10+2/ Intermediate or equivalent; OR
3 years Engineering Diploma Final Year Marksheet and Matriculation mark sheet; OR
2nd year’s Vocational Course Marksheet and Non-Vocational Marksheet with English, Mathematics, and Physics subjects.
c) Recent coloured passport size photograph with candidate holding a black slate in front of his chest bearing his name and date written clearly in capital letters,
d) Candidate’s left-hand thumb impression;
e) Signature’s image of the candidate.
f) Candidate’s parents or guarding signature (if the candidate is below 18 years).
g) Marksheet indicating the marks in English subject in Diploma (if applying from 3 Years Engineering Diploma qualification) or 12th/10th if English is not a subject in Diploma.
Once the documents are uploaded, pay the registration fees, preview the application form, and submit it.

After making the application, the candidate can download the provisional admit card from the website.

The candidate must carry Aadhar Card and provisional admit card at the examination time.

Selection process:

The candidate applying for Agniveer will be called upon to attend the recruitment rallies and go through the following selection process:

a) Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
b) Physical Measurement Test (PMT)
c) Medical Test
d) Written Test through Common Entrance Examination (CEE)

Eligibility criteria for recruitment in Agnipath Scheme

Under Agnipath Scheme, the eligible candidates should be between the age of 17 ½ – 21 years (the age limit is extended to 23 years for the current year’s recruitment only). These candidates are recruited to different categories of armed forces based on their educational qualifications.

Let us get into the educational qualification required for various positions:

Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms): Class 10th Matric with 45% marks in total plus 33 % marks in each subject. For the grading system, the candidate should score between 33-40 % in individual subjects with a Grade D or equivalent grade with 33-45% in particular issues with a C2 Grade.

Agniveer (Technical) and Agniveer (All Aviation & Ammunition Examiner): Class 10+2 Intermediate Exam pass in Science stream with Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and English, scoring 50% marks in total and at least 40% in an individual subject. OR
10+2 Intermediate Examination passed by an accredited State Board of Education or Central Board of Education to include at least one year of NIOS and ITI course work at the NSQF Level 4 or higher in the required area.

Agniveer Clerk/ Storekeeper (Technical) (All Arms): Class 10+2 Intermediate Exam pass in any streams Arts, Science, or Commerce with at least 60% marks in total and at least 50% in the individual subjects. Mandatorily, the candidate should score 50% in English and Maths/Accounts/Book Keeping in Class XII.

Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms) 10th Pass: Class 10th Pass, should score at least 33% in each subject and no requirement for overall percentage.

Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms) 8th Pass: Class 8th Pass, should score at least 33% in each subject and no requirement for overall percentage.

Salary for Agniveer under Agnipath Scheme

The Agniveer would be given a composite annual package of approx. Rs.4.76 Lakhs in the 1st Year, which would be upgraded to approx. Rs. 6.92 Lakhs in the 4th year.
The salary package of Agniveer can be understood more clearly with the help of the given table:

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th year
Total Contribution to Seva Nidhi by Agniveers and GOI
Customized Salary Package (Monthly)
30,000 33,000 36,500 40,000
In-hand salary (70%)
21,000 23,100 25,580 28,000
Agniveer Contribution to the Corpus (30%)
9000 9900 10,950 12,000 = 5.02 Lakh
GOI contribution to the Corpus fund
9000 9900 10,950 12,000 = 5.02 Lakh

Exit after 4 years = Approximately Rs. 10.04 Lakhs as Seva Nidhi Package (absolute amount excluding interest)

Seva Nidhi Package

Seva Nidhi package is the amount given to the Agniveer after the four-year tenure is completed. Under the Seva Nidhi package, 30% of the emolument is contributed by the candidate and an equal amount is contributed by the Government. Which makes the total Corpus fund approximately Rs. 11.71 Lakh with interest will be paid to the Agniveer after their tenure. This amount is exempted from tax.


Under the Agnipath scheme, the Agniveers are also provided allowances for risk and hardship, dress, ration, and travel allowances as applicable.

Death compensation

The Agniveers will be given Rs. 48 Lakhs as a non-contributory life insurance cover by the Government. And an additional Ex Gratia of Rs. 44 Lakhs in the event of death during service. The Government will also pay for the unserved portion of up to 4 years, including the Seva Nidhi package.

Disability Compensation

The Agniveer will also be granted death disability compensation based on the percentage of disability recorded by the medical authorities.
The disability compensation would be a one-time Ex-gratia of Rs.44/25/15 Lakhs for 100%/75%/50% disability, respectively.


Agnipath Scheme is launched by the Government of India to encourage youth in the military, navy, and air force and modernise the military using new technology. Under Agnipath Scheme, the soldiers called Agniveers are recruited to the armed forces for 4 years. During this tenure, the Agniveer are given comprehensive military training. After the assignment, the Agniveer can apply for the permanent cadre. Based on the terms and conditions of the Armed Forces, of these Agniveer, only 25% will be selected for the permanent cadre. The remaining will be discharged by giving Seva Nidhi package, and Skill Gained Certificate. Application for Agnipath recruitment can be made online.



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