Name Change – Procedure, Documents Required, and Application format

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The name of a person is significant for their identification. There are instances where people change their name for whatever reason but are unaware of the procedure involved in the name change. If you intend to change your name, it is essential to do it legally.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the procedure for the name change, what are the documents required for the name change, the application format for name change and advertisement, the gazette application, in which newspaper the advertisement should be published, and the cost involved in the name change procedure.


What is the procedure for changing the name?

The procedure for the name change of a person below the age of 18 years is different. The following procedure for name change can be followed by a person who is above 18 years and wants to change their name on their own.
Now, let’s check the procedure for changing your name officially:

Step 1: Affidavit for a name change

The person desirous of changing their name should create an affidavit explaining why they have applied for a name change along with affirming the following details –

· Applicant (deponent) full name
· Father’s name /Husband’s name (in case of married women)
· Residential address
· Declaration stating that facts stated in the affidavit are true and correct to the best of their knowledge.

The applicant should sign the affidavit at a place recommended by the authority. It should be attested by the Judicial Magistrate/ Notary/ Oaths Commissioner.

Step 2: Advertisement

The applicant should place an advertisement for a name change in a leading or reputed newspaper. The ad should be accurate with all the details.
It should include –

· both the old name and new name of the applicant,
· full residential address,
· name of witnesses or attesting authority,
· place and date on which affidavit was made.

If the applicant is an NRI, they should submit the original deed duly attested by the Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission to the Authority.
If the applicant is a government employee, they must submit a Deed for name change per the rules provided under The Office Memorandum No. 19016/01/87 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Step 3: Submission of Documents

After you publish your name change advertisement, the next step is submitting the application and all the required documents. The applicant should submit all the documents listed below to the Department of Publication, New Delhi.

Step 4: Notification in Official Gazette

The documents required, printing charges, and forwarding letter should be submitted to the Controller of Publications, Government of India, Civil Lines, Delhi -110054. These documents can be submitted in person or through courier or post to the Department of Publication.
Please Note: Any document submitted (either original or photocopy) will not be returned once submitted. Therefore, please keep an additional copy of each document for your personal reference. The documents submitted should not be more than a year old. Printing charges are different for applicants residing in India and abroad.

If you belong to one religion and want to adopt the name of another religion without changing your religion then, you will have to provide an affidavit stating that you have not changed your religion. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate should sign such an affidavit. In this case, also, the printing charges vary.
After receiving the application, the concerned person of the Department scrutinizes the documents submitted. Once the document is marked as complete, it is forwarded for notification to the concerned Government of India Press.

The Controller of Publications, publisher of Gazette of India, reserves the right to reject any incomplete, unlawful, vague, or misleading printing material from publication.

Within one or two months, the name change notification advertisement is published in the Gazette Publication Part IV. You can download an electronic copy of the same at the Digital Directory of The Gazette of India. The concerned authority will send a name change notification in the Gazette of India at your residential address by post.

Change of name gazette notification sample

The name change notification in the Gazette Publication of India will look like this –

Name change official Gazette notification


Documents required for a name change

Application for name change should be accompanied by the following documents –
1. Affidavit on stamp paper;
2. Original Newspaper containing name change advertisement;
3. Prescribed proforma with the signature of the applicant and two witnesses in printed format (not handwritten);
4. CD containing typed content (not scanned copy) of the application in MS Word format. The applicant’s old name should be given instead of the signature. (Witness details not needed);
5. Certificate stating that the hard copy and soft copy are true and similar containing the signature of the applicant;
6. A photocopy of ID proof (such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, or Passport) which should be self-attested by the applicant;
7. 2 passport size photographs self-attested by the applicant; and
8. A request letter with fees or Demand Draft as per the authority.

Affidavit for name change sample/format


I, ______ [Old Name] S/o, D/o [Father’s Name/Mother’s Name] R/o [Address] do solemnly hereby declare and affirm as under –
1. That I am a Citizen of India.
2. I am residing at the above address.
3. My old name is ______. (Supporting documents – 10th certificate, date of birth certificate, Affidavit from Magistrate of 1st Class)
4. My new name is _______.
5. Gender [Male/Female] _______.
6. I am Hindu/Muslim/Buddhist/Sikh/Jew by birth _______.
7. Now, I want to change my name from _____ to ______.
8. I belong to General/SC/ST/OBC Category _______ (Supporting document in case of SC/ST/OBC from Government Issuing Body).
9. The title, surname, etc. in my new name belongs to the same category i.e., I am not changing my category.
10. It is my true and correct statement.
11. The contents of the undertaking or affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing is concealed. They shall be responsible for any misrepresentation and consequences that arise in the future.

Signature of Applicant –
Name of the Applicant –
Address of the Applicant
Mobile No. of the Applicant –
Email ID of Applicant –

Controller of Publications


(To be submitted duly typed or computerized printout (two copies) and one CD in MS Word)


I, _______ [Old Name] S/o, D/o, W/o ____________ [Father/Mother/Husband’s Name] employed as ____ in the _____ residing at _________ [address]have changed my name and shall hereafter be known as _________ [New Name].
It is certified that I have complied with all other legal requirements in this connection.

(Name of applicant)
Signature (in the existing old name)

Witness No. 1
Signature: __________.
Name: __________.
Address: _________.
Mobile Number: __________.

Witness No. 2
Signature: __________.
Name: ___________.
Address: ________.
Mobile Number: ____________.

Advertisement sample/format

Name change advertisement should contain the following details –

For Major –
Name Change
I, [Old name] S/o [Father’s name] R/o [Address] has changed my name to [New name] vide affidavit dated [date]sworn before notary [Name], Bangalore.

For Minor –
I, [Father’s/Mother’s Name] R/o [Address] have changed my minor son’s/daughter’s name from [Old Name] to [New Name] vide affidavit dated [date]sworn before notary [Name], Delhi.

Change of Name newspaper advertisement

Request Letter/Application for a name change


The Controller of Publication,
Department of Publication, Civil lines,
Behind Old Vidhan Sabha,
Near Vidhan Sabha Metro Station,
Delhi – 110054.

Subject – Request for change of name (Major/Minor)


I wish to change my name/minor son’s/daughter’s name from ____[old name/wrong name]to _____ [new name/real name].

Kindly notify the same in the Gazette of India (Weekly – Part IV)

I have completed all the requisite formalities in this respect.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Signature of Applicant ________
Name of Applicant ___________
Full Correspondence Address of Applicant with Pin Code _____________
Mobile Number of Applicant _________
Email ID of Applicant ________

D.D. NO. ____ Date ___ (In case of Post)
Bank Detail’s ________ (In case of Post)
IPO NO ____ Date ____ (In case of Post)
Date of posting to this Department_____.

Why do people change their names?

People change their name for several reasons; some of these reasons could be –

  •  Marriage;
  • Numerology/Astrology;
  • Do not like their current name/birth name;
  • Spelling mistake in the old name;
  • Missing middle or last name;
  • Different spelling in identity documents or certificates;
  • Remarriage after divorce;
  • Adoption
  • Change of Religion or Religious reasons

Nevertheless, there are exceptions where you are not allowed to change your name, namely;

  • To hide your identity,
  • To avoid your liabilities, debt, or escape any legal issues,
  • The name should not be offensive, obscene, or complicated.
  • A famous personality provided that they prove that they do not intend to mislead anyone.

Can you officially change your name?

Yes, you can officially change your name; all you have to do is follow the given procedure for the name change. Our name is our identity, and it should be done legally to avoid any misuse of one’s identity and ensure transparency. Our name is lawfully stored in a permanent government record, making verifying our identity and recovering documents easy.

What is the eligibility for the name change?

To change your name, you should –

  • be an Indian;
  • have a valid government ID proof;
  • have a valid reason to change your name; or
  • as a parent, visit the government office with the child to change the minor’s name.

Who can apply for a name change?

Any Indian major can apply for a name change example, either husband or wife in the case of a minor, either parent or any family member


FAQ related to change of name

1. Can you change your name for free?

No, the cost for a Change of name varies from state to state.

2. How much does it cost to change a name?

It will cost approximately Rs 3000 in case you are from Maharashtra. This includes Affidavit cost, Notary charges, CD cost, Newspaper advertisement charges, and Gazette Notification charges.

3. Which newspaper will the advertisement be published in?

A newspaper advertisement is published in the leading newspaper where the person is residing. One advertisement should be in the English language, and the other should be in the regional or local language of the state where the person resides.

4. Is the procedure the same for an infant’s name change?

The procedure for the name change of a minor is almost the same. However, the application for the name change of a minor has to be made by a guardian (father/mother).

5. What are the documents that need to be updated after changing names?

Once you have changed your name, you are required to update your name in the following essential documents: Passport, Aadhar card, Pan Card, Driving License, Ration Card, Bank Accounts, and Voter Id.

6. After changing my name, how do I update my name on essential documents?

After changing your name, you must produce copies of affidavits, newspaper publications, and gazette notifications to change your name in essential documents.


Any person who is a major (above 18 years) can apply for a name change for any reason acceptable by law. There are 4 steps involved in a name change procedure: affidavit, newspaper publication, submission of documents, and publication in the Official Gazette. The documents required for making an application for a name change are an Affidavit for a name change, an official newspaper publication where a name change advertisement was made, a proforma for a name change, a CD containing a soft copy of proforma, a CD certificate, 2 passport size photograph, photocopy of identity proof, cover letter and Demand Letter. The Controller of Publication has the authority to accept or reject the application. After changing your name, you have to update the name in all the documents.

Official website: eGazette Home


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